Kanye West’s Mother’s Day Gift To Kim Kardashian Was So Extra (VIDEO)

Kanye West keeps it casual for Mother’s Day… not.

What did you get your mum for Mother’s Day? A card? Some flowers? Breakfast in bed maybe? Well whatever you did Kanye West just made it look pretty lame in comparison.

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Yesterday was of course Mother’s Day over in the States and he got a whole fucking string orchestra to play in his living room for Kim when she woke up.

Watch below:


Say what you will about Kanye West, there’s no one better than him at being a celebrity. The guy just knows how to go perfectly OTT on everything whether its firing his bodyguard for talking to Kim or claiming he’s broke and then making an insane purchase like this one. North West is so fucked once she grows up and realises how bat shit insane her parents are.

That’s if she didn’t realise it already when they dressed her up in a bulletproof vest as a 2 year old.


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