Justin Bieber’s Lookalike Just Mugged A Town Near ‘V Festival’

Even his lookalike’s causing trouble.

So the gobshite gathering that is ‘V Festival’ has turned out to be pretty eventful for the king of the gobshites, Justin Bieber, this year. Not only did he get absolutely slated for miming his performance, but it appears that his doppelgänger was on the loose, mugging people in a nearby town. Where were you that evening Bieber?

According to Essex police, a 19-year-old girl was violently mugged in Colchester. Following a criminal description, the image above was released and there’s no denying it bears a striking resemblance to the pop singer.


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Even though the criminal was described as a 6ft tall mixed-race man (not sure how they managed to come out with an image of a five foot seven white boy) the image created by the police really seems to resemble Bieber.  Making the rounds online, social media fans responded with “for all the people saying its Justin Bieber. What do you mean? “and “Justin Bieber’s causing trouble in Essex then.”


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Although the girl who was mugged managed to get away unharmed, the search for the Bieber double is on. Can’t wait to see what this guy actually looks like.

He needs to get battered like the real Justin Bieber did outside this hotel.


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