Justin Bieber Completely Butchered 2Pac’s ‘Thugz Mansion’ On BBC Live Lounge (VIDEO)

2Pac is turning over in his grave right now.

Why would Justin Bieber cover a track like 2Pac’s ‘Thugz Mansion’? Is he just trying to wind us all up?

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Something tells me that die-hard Pac fans aren’t going to be too happy with Bieber spitting lyrics like “Watch my daddy scream peace while another man shot him.”

Watch below:

That was just crap. Pure crap. Not even saying that as a Bieber hater because he’s clearly a talented guy and has some sick jams out, but come on. No one wants to see Justin Bieber rapping/mumbling a 2Pac song. Very strange choice of tune to perform on Live Lounge. Need to do better next time Justin.

No doubt these fans who keep sending him NSFW Tweets will enjoy it though.


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