Justin Bieber Proves He’s Still A Massive Asshole In This Latest Fan Video

Justin Bieber mean to fan

It’s too late to say sorry.

Justin Bieber has been trying to clean up his image in the last year or so, and thanks to a fairly decent album in ‘Purpose’ a lot of people that used to hate him now think he’s kinda cool because he’s got a few bangers. Fair enough.

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However, it turns out though that Bieber’s still kind of an asshole, but he just seems to hide it a bit better these days than he used to in the past. Every now and again though, one of these videos emerges and we know what the real deal is.

In this video, Bieber is walking around Barney’s in New York City looking for clothes, when a girl walks up to him and asks for a hug. Bearing in mind Bieber said he would no longer be posing for photographs with fans, she probably should have anticipated his reaction, which was just a straight up ‘no’ before she had even asked him the question. Shut down Bieber style.

Yeah, that’s just how Bieber rolls these days I suppose. I guess it must get pretty annoying being constantly hounded wherever you go with people asking for photographs, but that’s just the price of fame these days unfortunately. Looks like Bieber is determined to live his life his own way though now.

Still, some people aren’t even that bothered by Justin Bieber anymore – as this video of people ignoring him to catch Pokémon proves – so maybe that’s what he’s really miffed about. Dickhead.


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