Pokémon Go Players Ignored Justin Bieber In Pursuit Of A Gyarados

Justin Bieber Pokemon Go

Definitive proof that Pokémon Go is taking over the world.

It’s well known that Pokémon Go is absolutely humongous, but this story goes some way to illustrating just how humongous it has become – it turns out that it’s actually managed to surpass the cultural phenomenon that is Justin Bieber.

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We know this because Justin Bieber himself was hunting Pokémon in New York with his bodyguards in Central Park when a Gyarados spawned outside the nearby Apple Store. Bieber headed over there – along with 300 other people – and nobody batted an eyelid because they were all too focussed on catching that Gyarados. Crazy.

Here’s how one Reddit user who was apparently there described it. Their username is StalkerTuesday though so not really sure if we can believe everything they say:

[Bieber] was hanging near a popular Pokemon Go spot in Central Park, when a Gyarados spawned near the Apple Store right off the Park. Cue crowd of 300 people running to the Apple Store.

Everyone is so engrossed in catching the big guy, no one notices when a black car pulls up and Justin Beiber [sic] + 6 body guards roll out so JB can join in the hunt.

Statistically there had to be at least a couple huge Bieber fans in the crowd.

But listen: priorities. There are things more important than pop stars.

And those things are Pokemon 🙂

Good night and happy hunting.

That’s crazy. If you had told me a couple of weeks ago that anyone would have even contemplated ignoring Justin Bieber in the street to do something else I would have told you that there was no way that would have happened because he’s one of the biggest stars in the world right now. It turns out that Pokémon Go is just that little bit bigger though eh?

Check out this NSFW tweet a fan sent Bieber the other day – turns out some people still love him.


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