Justin Bieber Spits On Fans From Balcony


What a rock star – Justin Bieber has been dropping phlegm-bombs onto his fans.

Rock n roll’s original bad boy strikes again — dropping a phlegm-bomb on his fans off a hotel balcony. What are they going to do about it? We’ll tell you what they’re going to do — they’re going to buy tickets to all his gigs and sell out all his CDs and merch and thank him for taking the time out of his day to send some projectile saliva in their direction.


The lad is just too powerful. We could sit here and talk shit about him all day but in the end you have to accept that he is crushing life. He’s probably like “Oh what? People are mad I got caught with some weed on my tour bus? They’re upset I took a piss in a bucket? They don’t like me spitting off balconies? That’s cool, I’m just gonna head outside and listen to 5,000 girls scream my name. Later losers!”

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