A Journalist Called Police & Internet Shamed A ‘Target’ Employee Because She Refused To Sell Him Toothbrush For $0.01

The worst person on the internet.

David Leavitt is a Twitter user who describes himself as a “multimedia journalist who has worked for CBS, AXS, Yahoo, and others.” As of this past weekend however, he has also solidified himself as one of the biggest dickheads on the internet. 

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Here’s what happened – David went shopping at ‘Target’ to buy some bits and bobs for the house. He headed to the dental section to check out the options as he needed a new toothbrush. Whilst there he saw this absolute beaut of a toothbrush – the Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries, clinically proven and used by dentists worldwide:

As you can see it’s clearly marked ‘Display’, but it’s also marked $0.01. Wow, what a steal! As David was well-versed in Massachusetts Law, he was convinced that this $0.01 price tag MUST be honoured.

So David took the display toothbrush up to the cashier expecting to pay 1 cent for it, but was instead informed by the lady cashier that it’s just a display model and the real thing costs $89.99.

The audacity of this cashier! Doesn’t she know about Massachusetts pricing laws? David took a photo of the poor girl, shared it on Twitter, and broke down the story genuinely believing that people were going to side with him over it – lol:

Yup, David did actually call the police and for some reason they actually turned up. He explained the situation to them and said he wanted to press charges. They told him he’d have to sue Target if that’s what he really wanted to do and sure enough this prick was on the phone to his lawyer arranging to take Target to court because they wouldn’t sell him an Oral B toothbrush for $0.01. How is he even going to pay for a lawyer if he says he can’t afford to go to the dentist?

In the meantime people are completely clowning this guy on Twitter and sticking up for Target and the cashier, while he keeps banging on about Massachusetts pricing laws. What a complete and utter bell-end. Good luck with the court case!

P.S. In case you’re wondering if this guy’s name looks familiar:

Grade A prick of the highest order.

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