QOTSA Frontman Just DESTROYED A Fan Who Asked Him For An Autograph

Imagine asking your favourite musician for an autograph and hearing this as the response.

Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age frontman and frequent Dave Grohl / Iggy Pop collaborator, seems a nice enough guy but he wasn’t very nice in Detroit the other night when a fan asked him for his autograph.

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I’m not sure what rubbed him the wrong way about this fan, who says he’s a teacher, but TMZ reckon he thought the guy was a professional autograph-hunter who was only getting his autograph so he could sell it afterwards.

Whatever the case, he completely rips the guy’s life apart on camera, calling him a “fucking loser”, amongst other things.

Watch below:

Pretty harsh, but I guess you could just put that down to ‘rock star’ behaviour? Not many true rock stars left who will take a shit on your head and emasculate you in front of the world just for asking for their autograph. Real rockers who drink whiskey 24/7 and will stub their cigarette out on your skin just for a laugh. You couldn’t get away with that in any other profession but when you’re an ageing rock star it’s fair game. Why even bother being one if you can’t call a fan a “fucking loser” from time to time?

Either way, nowhere near as bad as what DMX did to one of his fans at a petrol station on Easter Sunday.


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