Watch Jonah Hill List His Top Seven Skate Video Parts

Jonah Hill Skateboarding

Jonah Hill is a legit dude.

When you think of Jonah Hill you probably think of the fat (now slightly less fat) dude from Superbad, 21 Jump Street and Wolf Of Wall Street. You probably don’t think of a guy who legit knows his skateboarding, but surprisingly this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Apparently Jonah grew up skating the Santa Monica courthouse with the likes of Keenan Milton and Donny Barley and he proves his knowledge in this little clip where he describes his favourite skate parts that he watched growing up as a kid. He’s only meant to talk about five but is so pumped up about it he can’t stop himself from talking about seven.

Totally legit.

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Wow. I never knew this guy had it in him and he’s just so enthusiastic about it even now – that’s awesome. I guess the true passions that you have inside you when you’re growing up never truly leave.

And if you want to see what’s probably going to make it into his top eight skate video parts then check out the part that Tom Asta dropped yesterday – phenomenal. It’s only going to be online for a few more hours though so make sure you click straight away!


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