Jon Jones Has Shared A Wild Video Of Him Chasing A Suspected Robber With A Shotgun

Classic Jon Jones.

Jon Jones may or may not be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time – depends who you ask really – but one thing about him that you can’t really argue about is that he certainly has a habit of getting into trouble when he’s not fighting in the Octagon and this has been proven once again by the video you can see below on his Instagram account.

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The footage was snapped by one of the security cameras outside his residence after it picked up some dodgy looking guy eyeing up his cars and peeking through the window. Jones didn’t take kindly to this and decided to sort it all out himself, chasing the suspected robber away from his property with a shotgun:

What would I have done differently? I probably would have called the police and let them deal with the situation, but then I’m not a world class fighter and I don’t have any shotguns lying around at my house either. I suppose if I was aware that this was going on and the guy looked like he might break into one of my cars (who am I kidding? I would only ever have one car) then I might head out there and see what was going on,  but I’m probably gonna be too scared if I’m perfectly honest. So pretty much everything differently there Jon Jones.

I imagine that most people would probably react differently to Jon Jones in this station, but props to him for trying to get everyone involved and starting a conversation about it all I guess? Most of his followers are probably American though so chances are they might have ended up following a similar course of action. Land of the free.

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