UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Get Involved In Casino Brawl With Challenger Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Brawl

Again, another serious sport takes another leaf out of the WWE playbook.

Yesterday, we had a comedy moment when Shannon Biggs crashed world champion Wladimir Klitschko’s dinner and started eating it, only to get water poured over him and then nailed by security and now we’ve got a similar incident going down in the UFC.

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is scheduled to defend his title soon against Daniel Cormier, and the two met up for a face off at a UFC press conference at the MGM Grand in Vegas yesterday, only things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Cormier slapped Jones who didn’t exactly take too well to it and the two ended up brawling all over the casino – again kinda similar to something that might happen in WWE, although probably a bit more legit than the ridiculous antics of Klitschko/Biggs.

Neither really came out on top, but you can bet that this is only going to hype up their fight on September 27th even more.


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