Jon Jones & Francis Ngannou Are Arguing On Twitter And Are Both Asking To Fight ASAP

This needs to happen now.

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones has often teased a jump to the Heavyweight division over the years, and now more than ever fans are clamouring for it to happen due to the emergence of Francis Ngannou and the potential for a Jones/Ngannou superfight.

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Well following this exchange between the two on Twitter, it looks like the fight could soon be a reality. Here’s how it played out:

Oh shit! Sounds like both these men definitely want each other for their next fight. Bizarrely though, when Dana White was asked about it, he said he wasn’t so sure they really do want to fight:

Well that’s weird. Is Dana White telling the truth or is it that he doesn’t want the fight to happen for whatever reason? Either way I hope they don’t end up teasing us for years and years and string us along only for nothing to happen.

If you ask any UFC fan, Jones/Ngannou has to be near the top of most-wanted fights people want to see. Jon Jones hasn’t had a big name opponent for a while, and Ngannou has been an absolute killing machine who has the potential to be a massive star (especially if he beats a legend like Jones). This is an absolute superfight in the making and I really hope Dana White gets over whatever his issue is and makes it happen. Maybe on Fight Island this summer?

Here’s a clip of Joe Rogan and friends discussing the fight a while back…

For an awesome video of Mike Tyson showing Francis Ngannou some boxing techniques, click HERE. As if the guy wasn’t dangerous enough already.


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