Watch Jon Jones Break Down In Tears After Being Pulled From The Main Event Of UFC 200

Jon Jones Crying

He’s not really holding it together here.

The world was shocked yesterday when Jon Jones was pulled from the main event of UFC 200 after allegedly testing positive for a banned substance.

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Jones has come out and strenuously denied taking any kind of illegal performance enhancing drug, but if the B Sample is tested and comes back positive then it could mean a two year ban from fighting for Jones. As you can see from his press conference below, he isn’t taking the news too well as he breaks down in tears multiple times:

Emotional. I suppose you’ve gotta ask the question though as to whether Jones is crying because he knows that he’s completely fucked up his entire career, or because he’s been completely fucked over due to reasons beyond his control? I really don’t know what the answer is, but I kind of feel like if you’re innocent of any offences then you would be angry and defiant about it, not pathetic and in tears like someone who knows they’ve screwed up and is feeling really sorry for themselves.

Just my two cents, but let’s hope I’m in the wrong. The B Sample is going to be tested later today, so hopefully we’ll have some more answers about this situation when that is announced. It’ll probably only lead to more questions though.

Remember when Jones and Cormier beat the crap out of each other in a casino? Shame we won’t be getting to see that any time soon.


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