John Cena’s New Movie ‘The Wall’ Actually Looks Pretty Sick


It’s a psychological thriller about two soldiers pinned down by Iraqi sniper fire.

It’s a well known fact that John Cena is following The Rock’s career trajectory and transitioning from WWE wrestler into Hollywood movie star, but it’s slightly different in the fact that the first few of John Cena’s movies actually look like they might be good.

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This is perfectly exemplified in the trailer to his new film ‘The Wall’. Cena stars opposite Aaron Taylor Johnson in a story about two US marines who are pinned down by Iraqi sniper fire in the middle of a war zone, with only a crumbling wall between them and certain death.

Check out the trailer below:

Whoa – looks fucking intense right? I don’t know how John Cena’s gonna get out of that one but I doubt he can just drop an FU like it’s nothing on that Iraqi sniper, especially when he’s all shot up like that. Gonna be interesting to see how/if they make it out of that in one piece. My money’s on John Cena but not the other guy to be honest.

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