Jobsworth Police Try To Arrest Woman For Wearing A ‘Fuck Boris’ T Shirt

Fashion police.

A lot of the UK coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement has focussed on how the UK is much better than the US in this respect, but here’s a video of a UK policeman forcing a woman to change what she’s wearing.

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The footage comes in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protest in London on Wednesday where a woman was walking around seemingly bothering nobody whilst wearing a ‘Fuck Boris’ t shirt. Obviously though, there was some jobsworth policeman who this offended and he decided to approach her and demand that she took it off as he feared that it could start a riot.

She started filming and here’s the video:

I mean I think the cop there is treading on very flimsy ground. Pretty sure the law he’s quoting isn’t really applicable to a ‘Fuck Boris’ t shirt and the fact he’s saying that it might incite a riot is novel as there isn’t even anyone around in the immediate vicinity.

Some of her points aren’t great either, but it just seems like the kind of dumb argument that people sometimes get involved in where there’s never going to be a clear winner and you’re just going round in circles as the views are diametrically opposed and  Don’t think the cop should be able to tell her what to wear though and don’t really see why he even chose to get involved with her as it was clearly just a dick swinging exercise. ACAB.

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