JK Rowling Just Absolutely RUINED A Trump Supporter With This Single Tweet

Third degree burn.

JK Rowling has decent form when it comes to destroying people who annoy her on Twitter – like the time one fan asked her to explain why Dumbledore is gay.

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She was especially ruthless this week though, after first sharing this quote from Winston Churchill:

That’s in reference to all the hate she’s gotten by tweeting her condemnation of Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Anyway, a Trump supporter hit her back:

JK Rowling went on a one way trip to ReTweet City with her response:

And that’s how you stomp a Twitter troll’s dick into smithereens – by calling him a virgin. Pretty powerful coming from JK Rowling but I can’t help but think a lesser celebrity would get ridiculed for using such a playground diss. I guess when you’re as rich as JK Rowling you don’t really need to think of good comebacks though.

P.S. Of course someone then asked “what’s wrong with being a lonely virgin”:

She had the perfect response for that too:

Can’t do any wrong, can she? My personal favourite was the time she roasted the Westboro Baptist Church, though they’re pretty damn easy to take the piss out of.


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