Jimmy Tatro’s Parody Video About Bitcoin Bros Pretty Much Sums The Whole Craze Up

Bitcoin Bro

Laugh out loud funny.

Bitcoin was the biggest and best way to get rich in the world a couple of months ago, but since then the market has nosedived, people may or may not have lost their life savings and nobody really knows what is going to happen with it.

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Despite this, people that you’ve never even heard mention Bitcoin in the last few years have come out of the woodwork and proclaimed to know everything about it, even though they don’t really understand the technology or anything about the market – they’re usually just relaying what somebody else has said or a blog post or something. This has been perfectly satirised by YouTuber/comedian Jimmy Tatro, who is perhaps best know for his work on the recent Netflix show American Vandal or 22 Jump Street – in the latest episode of his series called ‘Balcony Conversations’.

Anyway, watch this and tell me it isn’t exactly like some numbskull idiot you know who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about:

Yeah, pretty much the story of so many Bitcoin Bros out there right now who got into the whole game in November/December last year and are currently sheepishly licking their wounds as they’ve lost a whole tonne of cash. Unlucky guys – just HODL and the market will come back around. I hope.

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