The Co Founder Of Just Sold All His Bitcoins


Time to get out?

Everybody is talking about Bitcoins these days but it seems like nobody really knows how much that it can keep growing by or whether it’s going to crash down to zero and people who have invested their life savings in it are going to lose everything. We just don’t know right now.

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One man who isn’t sure about Bitcoin anymore though is the man who founded the website and now operates as its chief technology officer, Emil Oldenburg.He explained that he no longer had any faith in Bitcoin and was instead turning his attentions its bastard little brother, Bitcoin Cash:

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It is an extremely high risk. I’ve actually sold all my Bitcoins recently and switched to Bitcoin Cash.

It costs a lot to transfer Bitcoins to and from the stock exchanges. When I sold my BTC I had to pay $50 and wait 12 hours or the transaction to go through because of this. has ‘stopped developing new services for the old bitcoin network’ and now primarily focuses mostly on Bitcoin Cash, which was launched in August.

The old Bitcoin network is virtually unusable. It’s at Bitcoin cash that the solutions are, that’s where I see a future.

Well, what do you think about that? I’m not sure how much you know about Bitcoin, but it’s a pretty big call considering the current crypto currency market and the attitude that Bitcoin Cash was met with when it first came out in August. The guy probably knows what he’s talking about given his history though, so maybe it’s time to sell up and put all your money in Bitcoin Cash? Up to you.

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