Jimmy From LinkedIn Goes Viral After Leaving Creepy Message In Woman’s DMs

Sliding into your LinkedIn DMs.

I’m fairly sure that we all know that LinkedIn is a social network that people use for professional networking and to help them find jobs, but like all social networks this also means that it’s used by guys to desperately try and hook up with girls with the latest effort from a guy called ‘Jimmy From LinkedIn’ currently going viral.

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Jimmy decided to send a girl he just connected with on the service a voice note DM – why does LinkedIn even have this feature and why are people using it? – to explain how happy he was that they were now linked via the network. It was kinda creepy and very, very weird, but also sorta funny?

Yeah I know I’m not a woman so I don’t know how I would feel if that showed up in my DMs, but even though it’s unsolicited it’s more weird and funny than creepy and pervy. I mean I guess he’s probably only got one thing on his mind, but even so I’ve seen guys act a lot more inappropriately.

My only question here has to be to Jimmy himself and that is the following: does this actually work? Does anyone even reply, let alone end up hooking up with you? Do you even get any professional connections from using LinkedIn? As a follow up, do you know that apps like Tinder and Bumble exist?

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