Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He’s Had Surgery On His Penis… Twice

This sounds absolutely brutal.

Ever heard of a ‘closed urethra’? It’s when your dick hole literally closes up and prevents you from peeing/jizzing like nature intended. It sounds absolutely brutal, and provided this isn’t one of his sneaky long-winded pranks, Jimmy Kimmel just admitted he’s had two surgeries to correct the problem:

It just kind of closed up on its own. I don’t know why it happened. I still don’t know why. (The doctor told me) ‘Your urethra’s closing up and you need it operated on.’ And then they said, ‘Yeah, we didn’t get it, it didn’t quite work. We need to do it again.’ And they did it again. It’s a horrible process by the way — a horrible process.

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Sounds it mate. Not sure why you felt the need to tell us all about it, but it’s definitely something we can all sympathise with. Not just the fact your penis decided to stop working, but the fact the doctors flopped the surgery and had to take your penis apart twice to fix it. Bet Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have any problems with his penis.

Oh well, just be thankful you didn’t have to get NSFW dick reduction surgery like this kid did.


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