Watch Jimmy Kimmel Trick A Bunch Of Idiots Into Thinking An iPhone 5S Is The New iPhone

People will say anything to look smart in front of a camera.

Mistaking one version of an iPhone for another is an easy mistake to make, but this video by Jimmy Kimmel proves that people will talk any old bollocks on camera to seem cool or like they know what they’re talking about.

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Watch below:

According to Uproxx, the only fundamental difference between the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone SE is that the SE is faster due to having an iPhone 6S’s processor crammed into it, and has a better camera.

So really you need to be asking yourself if the SE is worth it. After all you can just use an old iPhone and pretend it’s the new one and no one will be able to tell the difference. Sorted.

Or you could just wait for the iPhone 7, just keep in mind they’re completely removing the headphone jack and replacing it with this.


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