Watch Jim Carrey Deliver One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches Of All Time As He Battles Through His Depression

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Carrey looked deep within himself in his quest for fulfilment.

It’s been well documented in these pages recently that Jim Carrey has been having a bit of a hard time lately – first he’s scheduled to go on trial for his part in his girlfriend’s death, and then he seemed to have a full on meltdown at the NY fashion awards – so it’s inspiring that he seems to have come out the other end of it OK.

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Carrey is the first to admit that he’s recently been suffering from depression as money, fame and success no longer motivate him. In the speech below, he talks about his quest for fulfilment and how he’s been digging around inside himself to find out who he truly is and it ends up being pretty damn out there, but kinda making sense and being kind of inspirational too.

Check it out below and see what you think:

Yeah I mean, that’s pretty out there right? I’m not sure how much of it I agree with, but it finally seems to have given Carrey some contentment and whilst you could argue he seems like he’s gone slightly off the deep end with some of the stuff he’s saying, he does sound truly content and happy so it must be working in some capacity.

Either that or he’s just way smarter than the rest of us, although what he’s saying about fame, money and success not being enough does resonate with me, as you see so many people at the top of their game in the public eye killing themselves, like Chester Bennington most recently. I’m glad he seems to have sorted himself out and found a a way through this depressions with these abstract ideas so that didn’t happen to him. hope that this video helps some other people too.

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