Jim Carrey Has Existential Epiphany Before Giving The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Jim Carrey

None of this is real.

Jim Carrey used to be one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, but in the past few years he hasn’t made as many movies and seems to have notably withdrawn from the spotlight. But whenever he does show up, he seems to make a point of driving home his newfound spirituality.

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This latest outing is no exception. Carrey was appearing at New York Fashion Week where he was grabbed by an E News presenter on the red carpet for an interview. Carrey clearly was only attending the vacuous event to rip into it and decided to talk about how he doesn’t believe in icons, how nobody exists and how nothing in the universe really matters. Although everything he said was spot on, it was clearly too much for the presenter’s tiny brain to comprehend.

I know a lot of the tabloids are going to say that Jim Carrey is losing his mind, but everything he’s saying makes total sense. He’s obviously gone down a path that goes beyond vacant, shallow celebrity culture and when you try and bring it into that world, you get a reaction like the one in that video. Hats off to you Carrey for speaking your mind and also for completely destroying fashion week in two minutes flat.

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