Jihadi John Is Believed To Be Dead After An Air Strike On Raqqa Last Night

Jihadi John

American officials are 99% sure he perished in the drone strike in Raqqa.

American officials are stating that they’re 99% sure that they’ve killed Jihadi John – the ISIS terrorist who beheaded aid workers and journalists in horrific videos last year –  after a drone strike on the ISIS stronghold in the city of Raqqa last night.

There’s currently no official confirmation of his death – and there probably never will be if the Osama bin Laden killing is anything to go by – but a top ranking Pentagon official said that there’s a ‘high degree of certainty’ that they got him,  whilst a top ranking military official told FOX News the 99% line, so they’re probably gonna stick with that for the time being.

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Apparently a drone targeted a car that Jihadi John – who is believed to be former London IT worker Mohammed Emwazi – was travelling in near the Islamic Court in the city. The strike was said to be ‘clean’ and ‘flawless’ without harming any civilians, although the other people travelling in the car with him were obviously taken out too. The first explosion hit at around 11:14 pm last night and that there were about a dozen more strikes before midnight, just to make sure that they actually got the bastard.

Jihadi John had been tracked by American officials for some time in the city and it was last night that they finally decided to make their move against him for the gruesome beheading videos that populated the internet last year. It looks like they actually got him this time too, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a body so we’ve only really got their word for it. Make of that what you will.


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