Jessie J Posts NSFW Selfie & Reveals How Channing Tatum Slid Into Her DMs

How to slide into DMs like Channing Tatum.

It’s been a while since we heard from Jessie J, but she came out from the clouds this week to bless the Instagram timeline with a photo of herself in nothing but Calvin Klein underwear.

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She points out that it’s not an ad, but no doubt CK will be sending her some free pairs all the same:

As an aside, did you know that Jessie J has been dating Channing Tatum for a year now? What a random couple that is. Apparently it all started when Channing took his daughter to see Jessie J in concert and was blown away by what he saw:

Jessie returned the favour by checking out Channing’s Magic Mike show in London, probably leaving a puddle in her seat as she watched him gyrate around the stage:

Channing Tatum then hit her with a DM – and the rest is history:

Bars indeed. To be fair when you look like Channing Tatum you can DM anything you want to pretty much any woman in the world and it will still be a success. 

Always knew Channing Tatum was a joker – remember that leaked e-mail he sent to Sony after 22 Jump Street beat Ted in the box office? Guy is a grade A troll.


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