‘Wax My Balls’ Trans Woman Arrested After Flashing Taser During Blaire White Interview

Grade A lunatic behaviour.

Jessica Yaniv, the trans woman who has filed human rights complaints against 16 salon workers for refusing to wax her balls, was arrested this week following her batshit insane interview with YouTuber Blaire White.

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Blaire White, who is also trans and is critical of Yaniv’s behaviour and ‘woke’ activist movements in general, had to cut the interview short because trying to get any sense out of Jessica Yaniv was basically impossible:

Aside from trying to justify the fact that she is putting immigrant women out of business by suing them because they refuse to wax her balls, Jessica Yaniv also denied that the thousands of screenshots and audio clips of her perving on underage girls on the internet were actually fake, and just someone trying to make her look bad over the last decade or so. Yeah, right.

At one point during the interview, Yaniv whips out a taser and zaps it towards the camera:

This prompted a bunch of people watching the live interview to call the police. A few minutes after the live broadcast ended, police showed up to Jessica’s home and arrested her.

As per the National Post, Yaniv says that at the time of her arrest Monday, she had a seizure and was first taken to a hospital rather than the RCMP detachment. After tests and examination, she was taken to the detachment and locked in a cell. Two stun guns, pepper spray, and bear spray were seized from Yaniv’s apartment.

According to the Post Millennial, who were first to report on the Jessica Yaniv controversy, police say the search of Yaniv’s home and property is still “ongoing”, which could spell trouble for her considering the things that the internet has already dug up about her online activity.

She even admitted to watching child porn on Facebook, and tried to get an underage girl to watch it too. I know Canada is an ultra progressive country but let’s hope they are as thorough as possible here and do what needs to be done to make sure Jessica Yaniv no longer poses a danger to children on the internet.


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