According To One Of His Accusers, Harvey Weinstein Has No Testicles AND ‘Appears To Have A Vagina’


It’s been a couple years since the #MeToo movement turned Harvey Weinstein’s world upside down, with dozens and dozens of women coming forward to reveal the sexual abuse they endured at the hands of the Hollywood mogul.

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One actress, Jessica Mann, was in court this week describing the time Weinstein raped her in 2013. Now it’s not like the victims of sexual abuse ever give kind descriptions of their attackers’ genitalia, but boy oh boy did she eviscerate Weinstein with some of the quotes she gave during her testimony.

According to Mann, Weinstein has no testicles and ‘appears to have a vagina’:

The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex.

He has extreme scarring that I didn’t know if maybe he was a burn victim. He does not have testicles and it appears like he has a vagina. He does have a penis.

She admitted having consensual oral sex with him when she first saw him naked:

I was filled with compassion, absolute compassion.

It seemed his anger came from a place of shame.

She then described the time he first raped her in a hotel room – after a planned breakfast with two others never took place because Weinstein arrived early and booked a hotel room for them.

He got very mad at me for trying to speak up.

I was saying to the people [at the counter] ‘We don’t need a room,’ so he pulled me aside in the corner and told me not to embarrass him.

He started to undress himself a little bit. I thought he was getting comfortable and he walked into the bedroom. I hesitated… he said let me give you a massage and he took off his shirt.

He had a lot, a lot of blackheads. The texture of that was uncomfortable. I did express that I was not sexual or comfortable with this.

Gross. When asked about Weinstein’s hygiene:

It was very bad. He smelled like shit — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.

He also peed on her:

He also peed on me once. It was like being discarded after I served a purpose.

Jeez, where do you even begin? Harvey Weinstein is already completely screwed with the amount of evidence already given against him, but Jessica Mann is still determined to make this court case as awful an experience as possible for Weinstein, giving ruthless descriptions of his genitalia, saying he smells like shit and is covered in blackheads. Serves him right!

Seriously though, imagine being so fat that your testicles completely disappear/become one with your flab (at least that’s what I imagine is happening here). Worse still imagine being so fat that your dick shrivels into a meaty vagina? (Again that’s what I assume is happening here).

I know Harvey Weinstein has been showing up to his court dates with a zimmer frame and acting like he’s disabled or whatever, but might we suggest he starts doing a little bit of exercise instead. Well, there’ll be plenty of time for that in prison I guess. Definitely don’t want your fellow inmates thinking you have what ‘appears to be a vagina’.

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