Jermaine Pennant Appeared On The Jeremy Kyle Show Today And Refused To Take The Lie Detector Test

Jermaine Pennant

From the Champion’s League final to Jeremy Kyle.

Jermaine Pennant might not exactly be a household name – although his recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother probably helped increase his fame – but he’s still a well known enough footballer that you wouldn’t expect to see him on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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However, despite once starting a Champion’s League final for Liverpool, Pennant has now been forced to appear on Jeremy Kyle to defend his marriage to Alice Goodwin over his recent behaviour in the Big Brother House with Chloe Ayling. For those of you that somehow managed to miss it, he was criticised heavily for flirting with Ayling the whole time in the house, passing her love notes and kissing her eyelids and the like and it stirred up a storm in the newspapers and social media.

So, it seems like the only way Jermaine and Alice could clear everything about their relationship up was to appear on Jeremy Kyle and well, you’ll see what happens below:

Lol Alice Goodwin came across like a massive idiot there didn’t she? I guess love really can blind you to every indiscretion though eh?

In fairness to Pennant he was pretty composed and articulate with his answers. Even though it’s fairly obvious that he’s cheated on Alice and is a bit of a womaniser, he handled himself well and stood up to Jeremy’s grilling way better than I thought he would. Kinda disappointing that he didn’t get more of a telling off to be honest but maybe that was part of the deal for him appearing or something. Who knows?

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