Jeremy Renner Claims His Ex Is Obsessed With Sex And Leaked His Nudes To His Custody Evaluator

This story just gets wilder and wilder.

I had no idea until yesterday that Jeremy Renner even had an ex wife and was involved in a custody battle with her, but now I can’t get enough of the back and forth between these two idiots.

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Yesterday Renner’s ex wife accused him of being a cocaine addict and trying to kill her, whilst today he’s hit back at her by claiming that she’s obsessed with sex and has leaked his nudes to his custody evaluator. Lol what?

Here’s what the court documents that TMZ managed to get a hold of say in them:

I mean that might be correct, but is it worse for a 6 year old to be surrounded by sex or a revolving harem of girls and pretty much constant cocaine usage and the threat of violence/death? I guess that’s one for the courts to determine, but I think I’m probably on Sonni’s side here if what she’s saying is true.

Until a conclusion is reached though I look forward to hearing more about these two’s deepest and darkest secrets in their relationship with one another. Gonna be a hoot.

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