Steve-O’s New Video ‘Celebrities I Did Cocaine With’ Is Exposing Celebrity Cokeheads

Evidence included.

Steve-O has always been one of the most honest, open and authentic celebrities out there. It’s why everyone loves him so much – the guy has nothing to hide.

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That’s why we have no choice but to 100% believe these stories of celebrities Steve-O did cocaine with, as told by the man himself in his new YouTube series ‘Celebrities I Did Cocaine With’.

Check it out:

Might seem a bit lame baiting them all up like that (assuming he didn’t get permission to tell these stories), but then again, it’s not like there are any surprising names in that video is there? Kid Rock, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are cokeheads? Colour me shocked.

For anyone out there who might think Steve-O is telling fibs though, here are some photos that might change your mind:

Nuff said.

For some classic Jackass nostalgia, hit play:

To watch Steve-O completely demolish his ankle in three places during an extreme skateboarding stunt, click HERE (NSFL).


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