‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ Counsellor Graham Stanier Breaks Silence After Documentary

He compares Jeremy Kyle to Martin Luther King.

Channel 4’s ‘Death On Daytime’ documentary has ruffled a few feathers after it aired this week, aiming to unveil the truth behind ‘The Jeremy Kyle’ and how badly both the guests and production staff were treated by those in charge.

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Unsurprisingly, several people involved with the show have now decided to issue their own statements in reaction to the airing of the documentary and even less surprisingly they haven’t chosen to apologise or take accountability for what they were involved in, instead deciding to double down and defend the supposedly ‘good work’ that the show was performing. Here’s what the head counsellor from the show Graham Stanier had to say about it all:


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I think he might have a point there and it is possible that ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ helped a bunch of their guests and provided the required necessary after care for them and it’s also highly possible that the general narrative about the show and the ‘Death On Daytime’ documentary have focussed purely on the negative aspects of the show since Steven Dymond’s suicide. But I think Graham and Jeremy both have to recognise that the negative aspects of the show were pretty fucking terrible and actually ended up with someone killing themselves and a whole bunch of lives being ruined when they fudged the lie detector results for ratings (amongst other things).

It is possible to have both good parts and absolutely awful parts of the show and the fact that Stanier refuses to acknowledge the bad parts at all and instead chooses to compare Kyle to Martin Luther King (I think that’s what he was trying to do?) kinda says it all. Please acknowledge all that good stuff sure, as I think it has been forgotten by the media demonising the show since its cancellation, but I think they all also need to hold up their hands and realise that it wasn’t as clear cut as how Stanier is trying to present it there and there was a lot of awful things going on behind the scenes and related to the treatment of guests.

When you look back on it, it’s actually kind of insane that it was allowed to run unchecked for so long. Hopefully some people have learned from their mistakes as it doesn’t seem like Kyle and Stanier have yet.

For more of the same, check out what Jeremy Kyle himself had to say about the documentary. Any guesses?


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