The ‘Bad Teeth’ Woman From Jeremy Kyle Has Got Herself A New Set Of Gnashers

Gemma Swift

What a transformation.

I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle but I do remember seeing this woman’s face circulated after she went viral for her unusual look.

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After appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show last year and admitting that she was sleeping with her mate’s ex-boyfriend, Gemma Swift said she has been inundated with online bullying due to her teeth, causing her to feel too paranoid to even leave the house.

Because of this backlash, Jezza felt so bad that he recently shelled out £10,000 (or at least ITV did) so that she could get her teeth fixed. Check out her transformation below:

Heartwarming story of the day? I guess so, although it’s pretty depressing that she had to literally be bullied to oblivion before coming to this decision. Plus anything to do with Jeremy Kyle is pretty depressing full stop.

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