Jeremy Corbyn Just Told Donald Trump To “Grow Up”


You’ve been told Trump.

Jeremy Corbyn has actually be pretty diplomatic about the whole Donald Trump presidency win, by announcing soon after that it was evidence of a failed political system and that we need to work together and move on.

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However, it appears his frustration could only stay buried for so long and in a recent interview, Corbyn stated that Trump needs to “grow up” over his treatment of immigrants in the US. Too right.

During a recent interview on the Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader ripped into Trump’s policies and views on Mexico and said that his language towards Muslims was “absurd and abusive.” He added that his wife Laura Alvarez, who is Mexican herself, felt “absolute anger and outrage” at the President-elect’s plans to build a wall at the US-Mexico border:

Donald Trump should grow up and recognise the American economy actually depends on migrant labour.

The treatment of Mexico by the United States, just as much as his absurd and abusive language towards Muslims is something that has to be challenged.

Trump decided to use the populist agenda. He blamed Muslims Mexicans, he blamed Muslims, he blamed women, he blamed anyone he could think of, except the very corporate America that in many ways he actually represents.

And there lies the problem, doesn’t it? A lot of people voted for Trump supposedly because he represented a change from the regular political elite who had been cosying up to the banks. But the problem is, Trump represents those banks and that elite. As comedian Stewart Lee once put it, “it’s like shitting your own hotel bed as a protest to bad room service, only to then have to sleep in the shitty bed later that night.” America, you’ve shit your own bed – now it’s time to lie in it.

Anyway, I don’t think Corbyn should be too worried about that wall – I heard ‘El Chapo’ has “got a plan” whatever the hell that means.


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