Jeremy Corbyn And Hector Bellerin Completely Mugged Off Piers Morgan By Speaking In Spanish

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It’s well known that a large portion of the general population absolutely despise Piers Morgan, and so it’s definitely well received to hear that this also extends to people in positions of political power, as illustrated by this story involving Jeremy Corbyn and Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin.

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The story unfolded at the afterparty for GQ’s Men Of The Year Awards at the Tate Modern in London when Corbyn and Bellerin were enjoying a conversation. Piers Morgan wrote about what happened in his Daily Mail column:

Later, fellow Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn came over to speak to Bellerin. When I tried to interrupt, the Labour leader – whose wife is Mexican – promptly switched to fluent Spanish to shut me out of the conversation.

‘What did you tell him?’ I asked.

Corbyn smirked. ‘I told him to please send Arsène Wenger my very best and assure him he continues to have my full support, even if he’s lost yours, Piers. In fact, particularly because he’s lost yours…’

‘He’s lost mine because we keep losing,’ I retorted. ‘You and Wenger are the only losers in football and politics to keep their job… no wonder you love him.’

Ugh, what a snide comeback, although I suppose you can’t really expect anything more from the man. He had already been completely owned by Corbyn anyway so it’s not even that much of a diss. Hector Bellerin’s response upon hearing this story was even better, tweeting the following:

Lol. Looks like Piers got well and truly mugged off by everyone involved in the story. Awesome.

For more Piers Morgan getting owned, check him out getting absolutely decimated recently on live television. Can’t really beat that can you?


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