Jeremy Clarkson Went Next Level Reckless For ‘The Grand Tour’ Finale


Classic Clarkson.

‘The Grand Tour’ finally premiered on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago and became the most pirated show of the year in record time. But even with favourable reviews from pretty much everyone out there, Clarkson, May and Hammond aren’t going to let up in their filming for the final episode of the season.

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And in typical Grand Tour/Top Gear style, they’ve pulled out all the stops for this one. The finale is set to feature Clarkson driving a tank around Dubai, including smashing it through the wall of the Dubai Mall and then driving it down the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard.

You can catch a clip of him driving it through the shopping mall wall below:

Geez – that doesn’t look safe at all. Apparently fans were invited to view the stunt and it was all under control, so I’m guessing the guys walking around were just extras who knew exactly what was going on. Can’t wait to see how dumb it actually looks when the season finale is broadcasted.

Despite the fact that ‘The Grand Tour’ has been killing it, it’s still caused a bit of a stir and picked up a lot of shit for its most controversial scene yet. Not cool.


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