‘The Grand Tour’ Is Facing A Huge Backlash Over Its ‘Most Appalling Scene Yet’


We love you guys, but come on.

We all know Jeremy Clarkson has a unique talent for sparking controversy, so we should’ve guessed that ‘The Grand Tour’ was going to be no different from his antics on ‘Top Gear’.

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In a recent episode of the Amazon hit show, Clarkson demonstrated how to smuggle an immigrant into the UK in the back of a car. The stunt, which showed Richard Hammond hidden in an Audi TT, has been called “appalling” by many viewers.

Clarkson said he was about to show a, “better way for immigrants of getting into Britain.” He added:


When immigrants try to get into the country they always come in the back of a container lorry that is the world’s worst game of hide and seek.

If you work for Border Force you open the doors and go, ‘well there you are.’

Surely there must be a better way of getting into Britain.

And I’ve worked it out.



He then rolls in the Audi with Hammond tied into the back. Yeah, that’s not OK is it? This show is an absolute triumph and you’ve got to love Clarkson as a presenter, but I don’t know what idiot producer is verifying these scenes which they just know will get the show into trouble.

Barbara Drozdowicz from the East European Resource Centre said:

We are appalled by the portrayal of migrants as an illegal cargo.

The makers have yet to comment, but no doubt people will forget about this by the time the next episode is on. It was only less than a month ago that Jeremy Clarkson was making offensive remarks on the show and already everyone’s forgotten about that. They seem to get away with it because the show is far, far better than the new series of ‘Top Gear’.


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