Jeffrey Epstein’s Two Prison Guards Have Been Arrested For ‘Failing To Check On Him’

The fall guys.

The internet has erupted over the past few weeks with memes about how Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, so it’s no real surprsie that now the powers that be have decided to find some fall guys for his death.

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These look like they’re not going to be the people that actually murdered him, but instead his two prison guards who are going to be reprimanded for not checking on him whilst he was apparently committing suicide. Or looking the other way because either their lives were threatened or they were given a massive pay off, depending which way that look at it.

The pair were arrested this morning in New York and are expected to appear in the US district court in Manhattan later this afternoon. They have not yet been identified, probably because the authorities want to make sure that they can buy their guilt or threaten their families or whatever before anyone can delve too deep into their back stories or anything like that.

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The guards are the best people to be charged following the investigation into Epstein’s suicide. They were supposed to be monitoring the high security unit were Epstein was being held, but instead are alleged to have fallen asleep for hours and falsified records to cover up what they had done. Sounds convenient.

There’s also a side plot about understaffing at New York’s prisons, causing guards to frequently work overtime which can lead to exhaustion and possible explain why these guards were sleeping during Epstein’s suicide. Again, sounds like somewhat of an easy and convenient cover up, but it’s not like this story is even halfway over with the arrests of these two guards. Expect much, much more to happen in the coming weeks.

For more Epstein, here’s what John McAfee thinks of the situation. Big opinion right there.


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