Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Buddy Reveals What Epstein Told Him About Trump & Clinton In New Book ‘The Spider’


Believe it or not, Jeffrey Epstein managed to make a friend in prison before he was assassinated killed himself, and a few of the discussions between the pair have made their way into a new book about the final weeks of Epstein’s life.

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Prisoner William “Dollar Bill” Mersey shared a couple anecdotes about the billionaire financier with author Barry Levine for his new book ‘The Spider’.

Here’s what Epstein told Mersey about Bill Clinton, as transcribed by MailOnline:

In December, Mersey claimed Epstein launched into an unsolicited tale about Clinton.

He said: ‘[Epstein] said he was walking down the street in a Chinese city with him and a really beautiful Asian girl walked by. [Clinton] turned to him and said, ”That woman makes my dick harder than Chinese arithmetic’.”…

Epstein is also said to have told him ‘pussy’ motivated him, according to the new book.

And on currency trading Tisdale said Epstein told him: ‘You know how pussy acts, how her mood will be next month and maybe in two months – that’s the same way to look at currency.’ …

The prison pal had already told in December of last year how Epstein did not betray any of his influential friends or show remorse.

And on Trump:

But he added: ‘He didn’t brag about his lifestyle but Epstein knew everybody that matters, so I did ask him one time, “Jeffrey, give me one anecdote that’s emblematic of the essence of Donald Trump”.

‘Epstein thought about it and then said, ”Donald and I are flying in my private jet to Florida and I have a French girl with me. Donald says to me, why don’t we land in Atlantic City so I can show your friend my casino?

‘[Epstein] said, “I’m not landing in Atlantic City, it’s all white trash down there.” So the French girl goes, “what does white trash mean? I don’t understand.” And Trump says, ”It’s me without money.”’

A self-deprecating Donald Trump? Who would have thought? It’s interesting that he would say something like that about himself in front of an attractive woman on a private jet, but maybe his game is just that good that he pulled it off. Obviously the only guy that can confirm these stories for sure is Epstein himself and he’s dead, so there’s a chance this “Dollar Bill” character is making it all up. But if he was making it all up, surely he’d come up with something more controversial than these two anecdotes.

As for Clinton, a pretty solid dick joke there (no pun intended). “Dick harder than Chinese arithmetic”? Oh Bill you old sailor you! Just a pair of horny dudes talking women, right? Or in all likelihood something a lot more sinister. Not that we’ll ever find out for sure, from the looks of things.

For the full list of photographs of celebrities hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein, click HERE. Some surprising faces in there.


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