Someone Compiled A List Of Photos Of All The Celebrities Ghislaine Maxwell Has Been Seen Hanging Out With

Oh wow.

Ever since the Jeffrey Epstein scandal blew up, we keep hearing things about his assistant/associate Ghislaine Maxwell who has since been charged with crimes of enticement of minors and sex trafficking as she allagedly recruited underage girls to fly out to Epstein’s paedophile island.

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We keep hearing things about her socialite lifestyle and all the high-profile celebrities she mingled with, but this new Instagram account someone created really hammers that home. Here are some photos from the account which show some of the celebrities Maxwell has been photographed with:

That’s just a few of the photos off the IG account that’s collecting them and while it obviously doesn’t suggest the people in these photos were involved in sex trafficking or even knew that Maxwell was up to, it’s still pretty interesting to see. And these are just the people she was spotted with on camera, just imagine who else she was hanging out with behind the scenes?

Maxwell, who has pleaded not guilty, has been denied bail and will face trial in July 2021. There’s obviously a lot of interest in the case not just because of its high-profile nature but also because of the shadiness around the demise of Jeffrey Epstein when he was awaiting his own trial and wound up dead in prison. Many are expecting Ghislaine Maxwell to suffer the same fate under similarly suspicious circumstances, but that would just be too obvious… right? Then again they could just say she died of COVID-19 or something. Either way, if Maxwell does end up making it into a courtroom, we could see some very, very big names implicated. I’ve got a feeling the ending to this story will be WILD either way.

Just last week, model Chrissy Teigen deleted over 60,000 Tweets after she was accused of being a part of Maxwell’s sex trafficking ring.


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