Jason Derulo Is Making Really Weird TikTok Videos And The Internet Is Roasting Him For It

Dear God.

Celebrities seem to be having a harder time of dealing with lockdown than most of us out there judging by some of the absolute inane trash that they’re sharing on their social media channels and the latest person to get involved in this ridiculousness is Jason Derulo, who has seemingly gone mental from looking at his recent TikTok output.

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You can take a look at some of the more absurd ones below that involve him making a bunch of weird cakes, dancing, talking to his dog and pretending it’s the Godfather, as well as a social commentary on the differences between different food delivery services. Well, kind of.

I mean I guess some of that is kind of cool and funny and interesting? I’m not really seeing it myself, but then 13 million people out there are following him and loving his content so I guess I’m just old and irrelevant these days. So it goes.

For more of the same, check out the New York Jets posting a TikTok of a girl firing an American football out of her ass. Lol.


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