The New York Jets Posted A TikTok Of A Girl Firing A Football Out Of Her Ass


It’s always fascinating to see how brands react when a new social media format is introduced, because they’re normally going to pay someone big bucks to spend hours developing a strategy and then royally screw it up.

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TikTok is one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to the internet and nobody seems to know how to utilise it in a way that isn’t completely strange and/or creepy, but NFL team the New York Jets are getting in early doors with this effort from their social media team. It’s basically one of those weird TikTok duet things which features a girl dancing and then bending over one one side and one of their players catching a football on the other, stylised to make it look like the football is being fired out of the girl’s butt.


Yeah you can’t really argue with what she’s saying there can you? Video is somewhat questionable and has already gone viral judging by the 8 million views on this tweet, it just remains to be seen whether this will increase the New York Jets profile or make everyone think they’re a laughing stock and end up with whoever made it getting fired. I’m thinking probably the latter.

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