Jared Leto Returned Has Returned From A 12 Day Desert Retreat With ‘No Idea’ About Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s hard to believe how rapidly the Coronavirus crisis has developed over the past couple of weeks, but if you ever wanna hear a story about just how fast it has managed to spread then look no further than this story from Jared Leto.

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Leto has recently written on his Twitter account that he went out into the desert to meditate on a retreat 12 days ago – is there anything more peak Jared Leto? – and only now is he returning to learn of the Coronavirus outbreak. Here’s exactly what he said:

I mean I guess maybe Jared Leto is probably like most Americans and only really interested in Coronavirus now that it’s starting to affect the United States, so likely wasn’t interested in everything that was going on in China and Europe beforehand, but even so that’s a crazily short amount of time to illustrate just how quickly the pandemic is spreading around the world and affecting everything. Hard to think that 12 days ago some people out there had never even heard of the virus and had no idea the impact that it would have one the world considering how intrinsic to everything it has now become.

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