Janice From Friends’ Real Voice Is Completely Different From The One On The Show

Maggie Wheeler Janice

Acting huh?

Even years after its completion, people still remember Janice from Friends as fondly as they do the main characters, despite the fact that she was completely and utterly annoying and awful. So bad in fact, that Chandler faked moving to Yemen to get away from her.

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Anyway, I haven’t seen the actress who played her (Maggie Wheeler) in anything else, so I just kind of figured that she had that voice in real life and that was just how she was. I should have known better because it turns out that she was acting, and her whole voice and laugh was completely made up off her own back without any direction from the show’s creators. She actually sounds pretty normal in real life, as you can see from her appearance on ‘This Morning’ a couple of days ago:

Who knew, right? I guess we owe it as much to Maggie as the writers/creators of the show that the character became so popular. Nice one girl.

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