There’s A Crazy Rumour Going Around That James Rodriguez Is Quitting Football To Become A Transgender Woman

This can’t be true, can it?

From the jump I want to say there’s about a 0.01% chance this is true and the only source I can find for it is some Twitter gossip and what’s been going around WhatsApp, but apparently Everton’s James Rodriguez is about to come out as a transgender woman.

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Here’s the insider scoop:

Mental. Again, there’s basically no chance this is true but being the elite level journalists we are at Sick Chirpse we just had to address it just in case. Can you imagine what a transgender James Rodigruez could do for LGBT representation in football? The mystery gay footballer will be flying his Gay Pride flag around the pitch in no time.

Just a shame the FA say James can’t play anymore so we wouldn’t actually get to see him kick a football again. Sounds like he made that choice long before they did though (allegedly).

Never forget:

For the Aussie footballer who retired age 22 because he couldn’t handle being trolled online, click HERE.


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