James Franco Is Set To Star In A Film Adaptation Of ‘The Game’

Perfect choice for a pick up artist, right?

If you’ve hooked up with a girl at some point in your life, then it’s probably because of the lessons in ‘The Game’ – even if you haven’t read it chances are you’re probably using one of the techniques described in it because it really is that good. Unfortunately it did lead to a culture of pick up artist assholes, but if you don’t act like that then you could still do pretty well for yourself out of it.

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What’s often forgotten though is that despite all of that, The Game is actually a pretty amazing read so it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken so long for it to be made into a movie, but it’s finally set to go into production with James Franco in the role of head pickup artist Mystery. In case you never saw the VH1 reality TV show ‘The Pickup Artist’, then here’s what Mystery looks like:

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Yep, pretty sure that James Franco can do a bang up job portraying a loser who labels himself as the leader of ‘the seduction community’. Yes, that was a real thing. I think the most fascinating thing about this movie coming out is that people will struggle to believe that it actually happened in real life because it’s like the plotline of a bad Ryan Reynolds movie or something. Can’t wait to see it basically.

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If you’ve ever wondered what the real Mystery is doing now, then click here for a life update from him.


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