The CGI Ghost Of James Dean Will Star In A New Movie And People Are NOT Pleased About It


More than 60 years after his last film, Hollywood legend James Dean is returning to the screen in Vietnam War movie ‘Finding Jack’ – based on a novel about thousands of military dogs abandoned after the Vietnam War.

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James Dean died in 1955, so how is he going to star in this film? With the use of CGI, of course – same way Paul Walker starred in ‘Furious 7’ and Oliver Reed appeared in ‘Gladiator’.

Just one thing though – Twitter isn’t happy about it:

What’s the big deal? If someone wanted to use my likeness in CGI form after I died – I’d say go for it. Of course the reason I feel that way is because I’m just a lowly blogger. If I was a legendary actor like James Dean, I’d probably feel different about it. I mean it is kinda screwed up that a film studio can just decide to stick him in a movie 50+ years after his death without his ability to refuse.

How does his family feel about it? I take it they own/sold the rights to James Dean’s likeness so will be happy to get paid just so a film studio can use their CGI granddad in a new movie. Which is fair enough. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple.

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