James Bulger’s Killer Pleads Guilty To Owning 1000 Images Of Child Abuse And A Paedophile Manual

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Release From Prison


You might remember late last year that Jon Venables – Jamie Bulger’s killer along with Robert Thompson – was arrested at the home of his new identity after child abuse images were found on his hard drive during a routine police visit.

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Although this is obviously a very serious offence, at the time it was sort of made out like he only had a few of these images, but today the whole truth has been revealed at his court date. Venables appeared via video link to testify and admitted to owning over 1000 indecent images – 392 category A images, 148 category B and 630 category C picture – as well as owning a ‘paedophile’ manual, whatever the hell that is.

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Not that I really want to know come to think of it, but apparently it’s called ‘The Jazz Guide’ and details how to have sex with children in a ‘safe’ manner. Disgusting. The arresting officers who found the images on Venables’ computer said that he muttered the following after he was led from his house:

This is my own fault. I have let people down again. I have had stupid urges, inquisitive.

I’m not going to be seeing this for a lot of years. It’s not going to be a slap on the wrist for me.

Well, at least he knew what he was doing was wrong I suppose? Although it doesn’t really seem to have done him much good now as it looks like he’ll be locked up for a long time now and rightly so. There’s obviously a huge debate about whether he should ever have been allowed out in the first place too.

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