Jameela Jamil Faces Backlash After ‘Skincare Privilege’ Comments

When you’re so woke you need to go to bed.

Actress/presenter Jameela Jamil is one of the more vocal celebrities when it comes to pushing woke ideas and telling people to ‘do better’ on Twitter, but every few months she overdoes it and ends up getting rinsed by both the woke and anti-woke crowds.

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Just get a load of this absolute gem:

Is that a human being talking or a robot programmed to be as woke as possible no matter what you say to it? Skincare privilege? Really?

Here’s the general reaction on Twitter:

It gets worse. Jameela went on to single out one Twitter user who called her “annoying” and told him he needed therapy… because he finds her annoying:

Which prompted more backlash:

In a lengthy statement, Jameela gave her side to all the drama:

Yesterday I posted a make up free selfie, and truly a few hundred girls started commenting on my clear skin. I responded with a very honest comment about how privilege impacts my skin to make the point that people comparing themselves to privileged people is a losing game, and I wanted to shine a light on that because this entire industry feeds of the lack of transparency around this.

I was met with so much support from women, and so much hatred from men. So much eye rolling, accusations of “virtue signalling” being called “annoying” for not just saying “thank you” and minding my business. Some even said I was BRAGGING about privilege. This is a sign of such intense misogyny and also a sad state of the world where any act of good or truth is seen as some sort of hidden agenda/crime.

I really care about this generation and the ones to come after it, and I really don’t want to be part of the cycle of harm, so I’m gonna keep speaking out, whether or not people “trust” me.

In fairness, it does make sense that people who are more privileged can afford better skincare products. It’s just weird that she decided to bring this up in response to a compliment. It’s just woke overload where she can’t think or talk about anything without bringing privilege or oppression into it. Also very strange thing to say in her statement afterwards that “people comparing themselves to privileged people is a losing game”. How about letting other people aspire to whatever they want? Chill, Jameela!

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