Jam Out With Your Clam Out Wins The 2013 Air Sex Championships

What is air sex exactly? Jam Out With Your Clam Out was a worthy winner of the 2013 Air Sex Championships in New York this week.

We don’t know too much about air sex. But we do know this — if you can effectively communicate to us via sexual charades that you brought your dead husband back to life by taking out your teeth and giving him a blowjob until he resurrected, then you totally deserve to win the 2013 Air Sex Championship. In fact, we’d go out on a limb and say you will probably be the greatest Air Sex Champion who ever lived.

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New York’s Air Sex Championships involve solo performers telling sexy stories by simulating sex with thin air. It’s basically a dry humping extravaganza.

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Jam Out With Your Clam Out is going to be a hard winner to top but good luck to anyone who wants to give it a go. Unfortunately there’s no video of the 2013 winning performance but here’s the 2012 Air Sex winner doing her thing:

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