Jake Paul Threatens Tyron Woodley With Bizarre Warning Ahead Of Their Upcoming Fight

This is really weird.

Jake Paul is going to be stepping into the boxing ring once again at the end of the summer against another UFC fighter who is way more of a wrestler than he is a boxer in the form of Tyron Woodley and so of course that means that the trash talk has to start well ahead of time.

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Paul decided to use a bizarre water/swimming/drowning analogy to take a dig at Woodley in the following Instagram post:


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Whilst that does sound kind of stupid, it is kind of funny and creative so I gotta give it to Paul for hyping this shit and getting us all interested because we want to see him get knocked out. I won’t be buying the fight of course, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens sure.

Paul also appeared on Michael Bisping’s podcast and claims that he should be able to finish Woodley in three rounds:

First round sounds cocky, sounds dope, but I just know that if I’m fighting Tyron Woodley, everyone is going to tell him to cover up, weather the storm, clinch him, grab him, keep him away from you, stay at distance, watch out for the right hand.

I’ve got to set a couple of traps so I may need a round or two to set some traps, see what he responds to and I think third round I should be able to clean up the deal.

Does Paul know what he’s talking about? After three victories against people that don’t really have a clue about boxing but have some kind of standing in professional combat sports, maybe we shouldn’t be giving him any credit? But maybe we should. Guess we’ll see come August 28th.

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